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Cute legwarmers! Every now and then I've seen the baby seats in restrooms here in the States, but not very often. And only after my kids were too big to need them, which is too bad because they would be handy. Some of the shopping malls here have family restrooms, which are great, they have a large unisex room so parents can take opposite sex kids in with them, and there is a tiny toilet next to the adult one, which always delighted my daughters.


hehe, so cute, and funny using the toilet thingys. toddlers are always picky, same with my 16m old now. apparently you are to look at their diet over a week and they seem to make up in food groups/amount over that period of time, not day to day..tricky monkeys!

hes so cute and chunky, tights are the best on boys with "manly" legs LOL


Adorable! You can really see Shuma's personality in these. Also, he's getting to be such a grown up boy!
He's gonna break all the ladies hearts!!(probably already does)


Shuma kaeru desu! Well, for today anyway.


Mr Cute is turning into Mr Handsome!

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